MSW – Eliminating landfills

As a citizen of this country and this world, I increasingly get concerned about many issues we as a society face. Of all our  issues/problems, one of the larger ones is the waste we as a race generate. And there is no real solution in sight to this problem, particularly for small town and cities.

The numbers are telling :

Human beings as they ‘develop’ produce more and more waste. Urban Indian’s average waste generation per capita is today 400 grams per day. For The USA, it is at a staggering 2,500 grams per capita per day, and we seem to be slowly but surely moving in that direction
– a frightening prospect indeed!

The world today generates close to 2 Billion tonnes of waste per annum. This is up from about 1.3 Billion tonnes in 2010 (as per World Bank numbers). This number will probably grow to more than 2.2 Billion in 2020.
India today collects close to 100,000 tonnes per day of waste (the generation is higher and
so we see the waste everywhere). And as we urbanise, this problem will only dramatically

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