Municipal Solid Waste Management- Why Gasification is the way forward?

“The greatest threat to our Planet is the belief that someone else will save it”, said Robert Swan, the first man who walked to both North Pole and the South Pole, after seeing the effects of climate change on earth.

As human population expands, so does our tendencies to litter and pollute. Talking about own country India, sights are common where we see mountains of garbage in flat cities. And these sights are becoming regular in small towns and cities. These have made people ponder on thoughts to find innovative and scientific disposal of Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) techniques.

A technology is required to fill in the gap of various waste disposal techniques that don’t meet energy requirements and are an eyesore in the towns and cities. A technique that can generate optimum results with its application and clean the most pressing question of waste disposal without incurring a loss of space and money. Ankur Scientific has come up with a technology that serves the dual purpose of clean energy generation and setting up municipal waste to energy for companies that implement it.

What is Gasification?

Most of the waste we produce goes to the landfill sites spread across the cities. Sometimes this waste is dumped on roads, ditches and any other place where they find a place. Moreover, these problems are compounded by overproduction and unscientific disposal of waste generated by humans. One of the possible alternatives for waste disposal is to generate energy using Gasification technique. This technique provisions large quantities of scrap materials for incineration to create electricity. The Gasifiers have been developed to produce optimum energy from various processed waste like MSW processing, poultry litter, tires, paper, agriculture residues, and coal.

This innovative technology produces charcoal that can be used in various energy generation applications. Moreover, this is ultra clean both for environment and municipalities associated with it. It requires minimal installation costs and once the municipalities sort out garbage in various ways, the contractor can pick up the litter to generate charcoal and use it in gasifiers for waste to energy-generating companies. Moreover, this state-of-the-art gas cleaning technology also cools down the gases and cleans them depending on the application.

Why Gasification for Energy Generation?

Segregation of waste into various ways has been a futile exercise so far. Solutions like landfilling, composting, recycling etc. have been proposed with limited success. The only tangible and long-term solution to this behemoth of the problem seems to be energy generation trough various ways. And Gasification technique for waste disposal developed by Ankur Scientific seems to be the winner amongst the lot. It is easy to implement, has proven track record with various municipal waste management and cost-effective to generate optimum clean gas for energy generation.

India generates close to 100,000 tons of solid waste per day and most of it is concentrated in urban and semi-urban areas. Out of that, the MSW consists of residual agriculture products, biomasses, Paper and currency, plastics and them other debris. The gasification has been high on the agenda for case studies on power generation for most of the states across the country. It has delivered tangible benefits to both waste to energy companies, municipalities where it has been implemented to generate clean gas for power generation and other places for a variety of purposes.

The Gasification technique is most useful with poultry bedding material and waste for energy generation. It also helps in generating gas from combustible tyres, empty fruit bunches (EFB) and many other biomass materials. Further classifying biomass in woody biomasses, poultry biomasses, briquettes, pallets and fine quality biomasses required for waste to energy companies.


This technology is at the forefront of clean India (Swachh Bharat) initiative launched by the government of India to spread cleanliness across the country. Dr. B.C. Jain, chairman of Ankur Scientific is very enthusiastic about this made in India technology. He believes that, “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the mantra to move forward for waste management. Sustainable outcomes from scientific waste disposal will pave the way for cheaper and cleaner energy source for future generations.”

As one of the top most Gasifier Manufacturers in India, Ankur Scientific works with various municipalities and NGOs to find sustainable solutions to the growing garbage problem. Their Gasifiers work on waste to energy principles and sort our municipal solid waste management. It meets all emission norms that help waste to energy companies earn maximum profits.

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